Saturday, July 13, 2013


From the Latin, Das Magicum means "to yeild magic", Magicum being the neuter of Magicus, meaning that it is "of neither side". There are no divisions here, no boundaries for exploration and discovery. All that are interested in expanding their view of life and the Cosmos are welcome. The site is still in its infancy, but it will grow up to be a strong tree of knowledge. If you would like to be kept updated with new inclusions, then fill in the subscription form to the right and you will receive the latest posts, alerts about new downloads and other news, straight to your inbox.

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Friday, October 5, 2012

Books on Smashwords

I have now uploaded my books to Smashwords so they can be downloaded in any eBook format you need. Prices have also been dropped.

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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Warding for Magical Protection

One of the first protective lessons I learned was a very simple one that has stayed with me for many years. It was to call your Guide and Guardian, otherwise known as the Ward. Now this can become a very involved topic where I could go off on a tangent and start comparing it with the Fetch beast and all sorts of things, but I will refrain as I have found the entity that comes during this ritual is not the same as my Fetch Beast.

The ritual I did was simple, although I don’t remember all of the steps as it was a very long time ago, but it has the same outcome as one which is mentioned in Druid Magic by Maya Magee Sutton Ph.D and Nicholas R. Mann. Very good book by the way. It is simple and straight forward but discusses the aspects of Druidry and Celtic Spirituality in a very solid manner.

The ritual goes as such, or as I remember it and present it to people who have great success with it.

·         Sit quietly facing the East and centre yourself. You can perform the Active Meditation to get you into the proper state of mind and being.
·         When ready, imagine a white pillar in the south-east, then a black pillar in the south-west, another white pillar in the north-west and finally a black pillar in the north-east.
·         Imagine a black and white checkered floor extending between the pillars with you in the centre.
·         Build up that visualization and then put up a wall of energy between all the pillars so that you are basically inside a room with a checkered floor, four pillars at the corners and energy forming the four walls. I usually like to imagine this kind of energy as being like a force-field from a sci-fi movie, so I also hear the whaaa as it goes up and then buzzes. I find that sci-fi imagery helps a great deal in magic, so don’t laugh.
·         Then when you are ready, all you do is ask your Ward to come to you as you would like to meet it.
·         Wait a while and eventually it will come.

If it appears that the Ward doesn’t arrive, then just stop the ritual and try it another time. The Ward is always with you, but it is usually out of sight because we seldom consider it to be a part of our lives. The fact that the Ward didn’t come to meet you may just be because you were not in the correct state or frame of mind, but it is there.

Now the manner in which this Ward can present itself is usually of a nature that you really wouldn’t expect, so keep your mind open to any possibility. You can also do this for other people or locations such as your house. Just imagine them in the centre of the room you create around them and ask their Ward to come. I did this for my daughter some years back when she was still a baby and was rather ill with flu. When I called the Ward I saw ivy growing all around her, covering the room I had created. At the time I didn’t know about the magical properties of ivy, so I went looking and much to my surprise, found that it is a protective plant. If it is a building you need to protect, just build the pillars and area around the building itself. There are no limitations.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

What do gaps, marks and Mounts Signify?

Judging various hands painted with so many lines, curves, gaps, mark and mounts is an art of palmistry or palm reading. According to some well admired palmists, there are certain things or marks on hand which represents the positive and negative aspects of life. Nowadays, palmistry is something very unique and interesting thus well accepted or admired throughout the world. Finding a professional palmist is not difficult these days, juts thanks to internet providing everything at one place. According to palmists, the gaps in the various line such as Heart line, Head line and life line, indicate some serious complications in later stages of life. A gap represents some negative possibilities in the coming future which can be minimized through taking right decisions. Palm reading helps to demonstrate these possibilities and suggest some immediate solutions. It is not possible to ignore the risk for 100% because future is not easy to predict, it is always uncertain. Generally, there are different textures and marks in palm, each having its specific significance. The break mark indicates unpleasant interruption in life whereas a bar marks suggest a barrier in the progress. The chaining mark symbolizes weakness, indecision and unlucky tendency. Circle marks are very rare representing good fortune with the brightness of sun. A cross mark is a sign of failure or shock and in opposite mark with double line is reinforcing and strengthening. The forked marks are symbol of contradictions and division of interest whereas island marks indicates weakness, breakdown and period of depression. Mounts play a very significant role in palm reading because they are some different lines. They are named after planets and posses some special features. There are many types of mounts such as Jupiter mount, Saturn mount, Apollo or sun mount, Mercury mount, Venus mount, Mars mount, Luna or Moon mount, Neptune mount, Pluto mount and others. Every Gap, Mark and Mount depicts some unique characteristics of life and personality.

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Sunday, January 1, 2012

New downloads

Some new eBooks have been added to the Store, with the inclusion of an Audio Books section. In the next couple weeks a Music section will also be added, so watch out for that. New titles in the Store include In eBooks: The Art of Astrology - How to Make and Read Horoscopes Learn to Read Tarot Cards (includes full Master Resale Rights and sales website) Read Between the Lines - Palmistry Simplified! In Audio Books: Read Between the Lines - Palmistry Simplified!

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Saturday, December 31, 2011

History of palm reading

Palmistry is a unique art and culture that has prevailed throughout the years of the human civilization. There are different cultures that have contributed greatly towards the development of this art over the years. The art of judging and foretelling one's future on the basis of reading and the analysis of reading the palm is an old art. The roots of this art date back to India and the art of astrology is known as Jyotish in Sanskrit. There were many sages and astrologers who had evolved this art as culture and made it such a widely known way of predicting the future. There have been sayings that there are a lot of other cultures related to it as well; like the Chinese and that from Romans as well. There are many countries that have been involved in the slow and steady process of the development of the palmistry culture. These countries include Egypt, Tibet, China and Persia besides others. There have been many ways of estimation and there are a lot of things that palmistry can predict. There are a lot of things like life, marriage, money and study that are supposed to be predicted with the help of this art. There are so many things that can be predicted from the lines of the hand. There are different predictions for males and females. There are different predictions according to the left and the right hand. All in all it is something that one can learn with a lot of skill practice and knowledge. There is a constant need to understand from the works of the skilled few who have passed on this art from the generations. There are many mysteries that can be unraveled with the help of this complex art and one is sure to benefit with it for sure.

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Friday, December 30, 2011

Post Abramelin

I completed the Abramelin Working almost a year ago and am only just now realizing where it has left me and taken me, it is not what I was expecting...although I am not complaining. After the Working was complete I spent some time with the seals, giving them a test run as it were. I became rather disillusioned with this process, and am now under the impression that the true seals are either lost, or were a bunch of fooey to begin with. The more I worked with them, the more I came to realise they were irrelevant. Of course many will disagree with me, and they have every right to as we all have different experiences and outcomes, but before I performed the Abramelin Working, I was already heading down the road of realising just how simple Magic really is. As I always said, and kept repeating, everything is energy. Magic, ritual, a spellworking, life itself, brushing your teeth in the morning, all of it is the manipulation of energy from the moment the thought enters your mind, to the realization of the desire to act, to movements that are created through those actions. So what does it all boil down to? Energy, and we don't even need to move to project and form a pattern of energy to cause and effect. But back to my post Abramelin discoveries. So, after some tampering with this, that and the other, now that I had a good connection with my HGA (not that I needed to go through the Abramelim to get to that point, but more in another post), I sat down one day and decided to make a proper plan with my life. At that point I was doing as many things to earn a living as I could think of. Architecture, web design, book publishing, authoring, artwork, you name it, if I had the skill to do it, I was doing it. This may sound like a good idea, but I discovered it wasn't as I was spreading myself so thin between them all, nothing was really getting off the ground. Therefore, I decided to take one discipline and focus solely on that. It worked. I focused on web design and specifically WordPress, and the work started rolling in. I was able to get us back on track. This did however leave me disconnected from everything else. My entire spiritual practice took a backseat as I built myself up, so the question came to mind, if I have just performed and completed the Abramelin Working, why am I not using anything I have learned? I realized the answer to that question a couple weeks back. As Magicians, Magick Workers, Witches, Pagans, whatever you may be, one essential part of being a success in this practice is to be a success in yourself and all other areas of your life. To become a successful Magician, you first need to start at your roots, beginning in the here and now, in Malkuth, this physical world. If this is a mess, then how do you think the rest of your Tree looks? Think about it, everything that is present in this physical reality is first created in Yesod, and then manifests in Malkuth, so if your life is a mess then that would mean that everything above, below and around is a mess because you have created that mess. So, where did my HGA take me first of all on the rollercoaster of realization and awakening? Into my life, my career, my family, and She forced me to create a neat weave in my own Orlog. I have become engrossed in Malkuth for the past six or so months, but now it is time for me to move into Yesod, and so my journey up the fulcrum begins once again as the pendulum swings a little less rapidly now again. It is for this reason that I am back, even though there are a lot of changes that have been made and will be made. Am I the same person? Most definitely not, I am new and improved.

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