Sunday, January 16, 2011

Elementals and Servitors

Before I disappear for my spiritual adventure, I finished my new eBook over the weekend and have just uploaded and made it available.
Elementals and Servitors

Elementals and Servitors are energetic beings that are created by a Magician or Witch to perform tasks for them. They have been used in various forms by cultures spanning the globe for centuries. This book gives you the methods to work with them and a practical guide on how to create them. Not only does it discuss this aspect of Magic from the perspective of Chaos Magic, but also presents the Kabbalistic method of Elemental creation, giving you a descriptive means of using the Yetziratic Wheel and taking you through the various launching methods.


You can purchase it at or for any South African folks at (just go to the Stores link in the Main Menu and then click on eBooks in the Categories.

Friday, January 14, 2011

But wait, there's more

This is getting more and more difficult to explain.

Imagine yourself as a ball of power. In this ball are all the infinite moments of your existence in this lifetime. Extending from that ball are connective links to all of the people, places, things, animals, etc. that you have encountered during this lifetime, and these lines connect to the balls of power which are those things, people, etc. Now, within this ball which is you are also all of your incarnations. This means that the concept of the ball as you, expands even further. Connected to this ball which is you and all of your incarnations is another ball, your Neshamah (it’s not actually connected as it is the ball, but trying to explain in words is not easy). Each person has a Neshamah connected to them, but the Higher Self or Soul is again split into three parts, the Neshamah, the Chiah and the Yehidah.

So now, expand your view from the You Ball up to your Neshamah and then take a group of people, let’s say a family, your family. All of the members of your family have their own ball of power containing all of their moments, experiences, etc. and incarnations of same. Each person has a Neshamah, and all of those Neshamah are connected by the Chiah. Expand that further to contain all the Chiah of a nation and you have another Chiah. Put them all together and you have the Yehidah which then unites all.

But now remember that the Neshamah is only part of the soul belonging to people. We also have the plants, animals and all of the other things of creation. Uniting all of this is God, the Primal Force, the Everything and No-Thing, the Universal Mind, The ALL.

And now that I explained this as best I can in the format of a network, remove the network and bring it all into one ball of power that is infinite, has no boundaries (and is therefore not actually a ball).

The Gods

My perception of the Universe keeps expanding as I get shown more. For instance, who are the Gods? Let’s take this back a little and explain the HGA, or in Kabbalistic terms, the Neshamah.

The Neshamah is the Higher Self of a person. This portion of our soul is that part which is immortal. As we incarnate through different life times, we forget the previous ones in order to experience the new one. The Neshamah on the other hand does not die, is not born and retains the experiences of all of those lifetimes.

When we speak of the Gods we may think of them as sentient beings or archetypes. In retrospect, both are correct in my view. We work with the Gods, or petition them to aid in our work to affect something of ourselves or our environment. If we want love, we go to a certain god or goddess, if we want money, we go to a different one, each of them having aspects that we require, almost like job titles. You would not go to a plumber to get your electricity fixed, and you would not go to a “god of money” to get love in your life.

Now, each person we encounter has their own aspects and personalities, experiencing this reality in their own manner, their own job titles as it were. Their Neshamah is therefore experiencing that aspect of life and adding it to the experiences of its previous incarnations. We speak of the Gods as being immortal and having more experience, which is the same as the Neshamah. It would stand to reason that the possibility exists that the Gods are in fact the Higher Selves of all the people on the planet.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Reality in an instant

I thought I would share a lesson I was given last night by the kaneh-bos ally. It has to do with Reality being made up of moments that all happen within the same instance, lateral time as opposed to our man made linear time. For a brief moment I experienced this Reality, only a portion of it though, but I knew in that moment I would not be able to experience it when I came back to normal every day life, it is just too big. Anyway, for those interested, this is the imagery that I was presented with.

Each second is a moment on a card, and there are multiple cards. we experience each moment all at once, but our attention in our conscious mind is only on one, which was lit up. Our attention obviously moves around from moment to moment. Now, that is each second, so between those seconds, you have to split up the moment more into nanoseconds, making thousands of cards from second to second, and then split it up even further into an infinite number of cards or moments, beyond human reasoning or calculation. Then expand that over an entire lifetime and you have the bigger picture. We live within all of the cards in the same instance. Then remember that is only one person, from specific cards/moments, other things branch off to form the experiences of other people, animals, things, places, etc. It's huge, and it all takes place in the same instance as one large body.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Breathing in the Sigil

I used a method of sigil launching this morning that I hadn’t thought of previously and wanted to share it. It’s a combination of sigil work and Kabbalistic practice and may prove interesting and worthwhile to others.

I have a frame which holds two small panes of glass which can be slid in and out and so you can easily replace something between the pieces of glass. I put a plain white sheet of paper between them and then took a glass artliner from Dala and drew the sigil on one of the pieces of glass. The interesting thing with this is that you can take coloured paper and put it between the glass and then place a candle behind the frame which illuminates the sigil. If you get two pieces of glass with clips, you should be able to construct it quite easily.

Then I went into my Temple, placed it standing up on the altar with the candle behind. I then drew in spiritual force from the Infinite Power Source (this is the Kabbalistic method and is spoken of in the book I am working on about Elementals and Servitors, which is partially uploaded on my website) and projected lines to the sigil. This was a simple case of drawing in Power through the top of the head into the forehead and then breathing it out, projecting a line of power to the sigil, and when it got there it kind spider-webbed out to cover the sigil itself. I repeated this but moved the power into the throat and out to the sigil, then into the chest, then to the solar plexus and finally the groin. I didn’t add hands because I was intending to meditate for a while after that process (and didn’t want to sit there holding up my hands).

So then I sat and meditated for about 20 minutes followed by breathing the sigil in. Now this is the process of Breathing in Spiritual Force which you usually do with an object or colour, but I thought it would work just as well with a sigil. Therefore as I breathed in I drew the sigil into myself through the lines of power I had used to connect to it. Three breaths and that was it.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Oil of AbraMelin Findings

2011/01/04 05:24 PM

I was doing some research on Sacred Plants, specifically cannabis at the time and came across some very curious information. Firstly a little background, and then we’ll get to the curious part.

Oil of AbraMelin, which modern magicians use in ritual and ceremony to anoint, is derived from the Holy Oil of Tanakh. This Holy Oil, mentioned in Exodus, was only used to anoint Holy Men and Kings, and by being anointed made them Christs (the anointed ones). When Jesus came along, being the rebel he is, he decided to take the Holy Oil and anoint everyone who wanted to be anointed. He used it to heal, to drive out demons and bring God to the people. This was against the law of the Hebrews which stated that for someone to use on those which are not allowed it would set that person apart. Christ, his disciples and followers were indeed set apart, and Christianity was borne out through the ages with Gnosticism sticking to some more original material. Christianity means “to be smeared or anointed with Holy Oil”.

So what is this Holy Oil (now for the curious part)? In Exodus we might find the ingredients to be myrrh, aromatic cane, cinnamon, cassia and olive oil, but it is the aromatic cane that has created the most curiosity as it is not translated properly. The Hebrew gives it as Kaneh-bosm with the ‘m’ at the end of a word indicating a large quantity, so singularly it would be Kaneh-bos. This word has been translated as being calamus, which sounds almost right (where Crowley got galangal from I don’t know). However, it has been speculated that calamus is also a mistranslation. The correct translation for Kaneh-bos should actually be cannabis (say kaneh-bos fast 10 times, you’ll understand why).

What does this mean for Christianity? I hate to say it folks, but it possibly means that Christianity was borne out of a culture that used cannabis to reach divine and ecstatic heights or enlightenment.

For a much more detailed explanation on the subject, read this extremely interesting article - Cannabis and the Christ: Jesus used Marijuana | Cannabis Culture Magazine