Tuesday, August 4, 2015

I was at the Sabbath

If I haven’t mentioned it yet, I am in the process of fine tuning my lucid dreaming practice. One of the things I have always battled with, I rarely ever remember my dreams, maybe 2 or 3 a year. However, since I have been doing my polyphasic sleep and therefore my 1.5 hour early morning naps in order to induce lucid dreams, its helped a great deal. This morning, I actually managed to take control for a while.

Anyway, wanted to tell you about the dreams I had this morning. Bear in mind that when I start lucid dreaming I tend to keep waking up and then going back into the dream (if I don’t move). Also, I may still be having some personal interpretation going on, in that the scenery and people might not be as they actually are, but it seemed real enough. This Sabbath I was at was in a huge house with hundreds of people and it was a party. There was one point when a load of us were outside and for some reason we all told we had to go back into the house, and if we didn’t make it in time the doors would be shut and locked. A few of us didn’t make it and we were stuck outside, so myself and another guy decided to try and climb onto the roof to get into a window on the top story. I was trying to pull myself up on a lean-to roof, and one of the odd things was that I was as afraid of heights in the dream as I am in waking life, so I was having a difficult time. The other guy found an easy way up and we got back into the party.

Last part I remember was sitting around a table with some folks and a crazy, but very cute blonde girl was writing on me with a black marker. She ended drawing on my face. I then needed the toilet and went looking for one. I think this is where it really started slipping into dream like imagery. There was a daycare like centre that I went into and all the kids looked up and laughed at me because of the drawing on my face. I decided to go to my sister’s house, no idea why, and found the bathroom. Last thing I remember I looked into a mirror and saw my face, she had made huge eyebrows, and massive goatee and handlebar mustache. I was however I hell of a lot younger, probably 18 or so.

Anyway, had an awesome time, and can’t wait for the next party.

PS. I am just recalling that the moment that I took control of the dream I was moving down a corridor or through a kitchen and I took the hand of a very old woman and kissed it with great reverence. May have been a moment where I broke through the personal dreaming imagery.

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