Monday, March 29, 2010

The New Site

Well I have been working on the new Hobthrust Lodge Magick School site and it is now operational at

I have gotten some plants to do my experiment with, so will start posting some pics of them and see how it goes.

I am also thinking of posting the chapters to the Druidic Ritual Practice book I started writing in January. Was going to publish it but after I covered the theory I came to the problem that trying to give a ritual format for a Druidic festival for instance is not possible on a broad perspective. It is not like Ceremonial Magick where you have a set design and ritual outline, the Celts were very community and family based. So when it came to celebration and festivals, there was more symbolic game playing and storytelling than an actual design of ritual creation. Ergo, the book is a no go and so I will give the info I gathered. I will post them on the HLMS site though, so have a look for them if you are interested.

Keeping in line with Druid Lore, I read this book many years back and rather enjoyed it

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Gordon Bennett...

...I haven't been online much, so let's see what I've been up to.

Friday went well, my energy levels were up for the rest of the day until about 10 or 11 in the evening. I must say though it feels more likely that the exercises sort your energy out, smooth it out within your body so to speak. So, instead of feeling like crud because of wired up energy, you feel good.

Saturday I performed the same exercise but connected to everything in the room (no plants in the room). It didn't seem to make any difference, so whether it is five or five hundred items, doesn't seem to make any difference. Lodge meeting was moved to Saturday and we had a nice discussion about everything in general. Didn't do any practice because one of the members didn't pitch up (he's getting a serious D-Merit), so we will pick up again on Friday.

I am going to do an experiment with Directing Spiritual Force with two plants. The one I will direct energy into and the other draw out of and see the difference in their growth.

The rest of the weekend was fine, nothing exciting that I remember. I did start with a new exercise (seems I need to redo a lot of what I did in the past) which is basically Identifying with the Elements.

Friday, March 19, 2010

2:30? Are you out of your mind?

2:30AM. That is the time I woke up this morning after going to bed at around 10PM, and I was wide awake. A product of last night's practices maybe? I must say though, between 3AM and 7AM I got a lot done. At 7:30 I was ready for bed again so I lay down and had an hours sleep. Deep sleep, vivid dreams. And then for the rest of the day I was going like a steamroller, and still going strong. Will probably flake at some point tonight though, we'll see how it goes. Anyway, decided not to do the last step today just in case I don't sleep for a week. Will do it tomorrow morning if I get a chance.

They just had the repeat on Oprah of that little girl Jani who is Schizophenic. She speaks to animals and there is a person named Sycamore that nobody else can see. However, what young girl, probably 8 years old says to an adult "'Calalini' is on the border of my world and your world"? There was something I read in one of Dion Fortune's books a few years back about conception taking place when the mother and father have an orgasm which opens up a vortex. That vortex then draws a passing soul. She mentioned that it is possible that Fae can also get caught in this vortex and the result is a human body with a Fae spirit. Such "people" have a very difficult time on earth because the soul is of an element, not of all four which we are. So, is it possible that this Jani is not supposed to be present in this world and in that human body? Is it possible that she, and other people diagnosed with Schizophrenia are merely elemental beings from another world that caught up in a vortex of human orgasm? Worth thinking about.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Back on Track

Well the past couple of days have been a disaster…well, not a disaster completely, just in the matter of spiritual practice. I have been busy, making new contacts, making pages, etc. etc. and so haven’t been to my Working Room to do anything. However, it is probably a good thing for two reasons. When I am such a mood and so exhausted I tend to rush through the practices and that is not a good thing to do. Also, at least don’t need to worry about habit forming. Although it is a good idea to have a regular daily practice time, it is not good to form a habit with the exercises you do. If that happens you tend to lose the power in the exercises, but if you take a break for a couple of days, you find the power again, as if it is fresh, done for the first time.
I was feeling rather exhausted again this evening, the kind of exhaustion where you just feel rotten to the core but you know you wouldn’t be able to sleep because your energy is just all wired up. So, I went to do the next step in the practice of Directing Spiritual Force, which although lengthy has left me feeling rather good. I am still tired to a degree, but not exhausted, and I know I will be able to sleep well.

The reason this step is lengthy is because you have to breath in to one power centre in the body and project a line to an object, colour or flame, then breath in to the same body part and project another line to another object, colour or flame, and continue from that body part with a number of objects. I used two colours, two candle flames, my dagger and the black tourmaline. Once you have connected lines to all of those, you then breath into the next body part and do the same, going through all the body parts, connected to all the items from each one and then only do you draw in. But well worth it.

The final step in this set is to do the same as I did tonight but also project lines from the fingers and hands. I think what I will do is project multiple lines to a lot of things, everything around me in fact, from one body part on one exhalation, do all body parts and then draw in from multiple, probably hundreds of threads.

Hmm, now what book did I want to recommend tonight? Ohhhh yes, The Way of Wyrd by Brian Bates. This is a brilliant book, written as a fiction it has a LOT of heathen aspects in it. Bates is an anthropologist after all and very interested and connected with the Northern Traditions in general I do believe. Must read though, my fave book (apart from Weaveworld).

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Terrible night

I am only getting to post this now, disgusting. Last night was quite a flop. I ended up going to a friend's house to break in because locked the keys inside (no I do not hire myself out for house breaking). When I got back home I was exhausted from the day and was EXTREMELY naughty and didn't practice. Eat me.

Anyway, I did get the protection lesson done for the school which is actually going up later. Must do the desire inhalation lesson so I can get that up this weekend.

Here's one of my favourite books:

Monday, March 15, 2010


Step three involves drawing Spiritual Force from a single object through the connection of a line from each of the five power centres, all at once. I am starting to think that I rushed through these exercises the first time around as I don't recall them being so satisfying. What was intriguing was that the song and voice that comes from me during spontaneous singing and trance states continued long after the exercise. It was like sharing consciousness with another. My magid maybe? Anything is possible. So much is possible. Everything is possible.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Exhausting Day Revived

I spent a large portion of today moving furniture for my mother. Picking up furniture, moving it, putting it down, and the sun was blazing hot today so I came home this afternoon feeling drained, washed out and generally aching all over. I did get some great pillar candle sticks though, which I have placed in front of my altar. Will see if I can get a photo of them tomorrow.

So, I went outside this evening and did step two of the Directing Spiritual Force exercises. Can't say I was feeling like it, and came very close to scrapping the whole practice this evening, but what a difference. In step two you do the same as in step one except that you project the lines to an object, a colour and a candle flame, and then draw the Spiritual Force/Ruchaniyut in. I now feel great, my aches have gone and I feel normal again, as if today was not so tedious.

One thing I did become very aware of was the amount of connections to everything around me. When we look at an object we automatically connect to it, so whilst I am standing before my altar focusing on these three things,  I realised the hundreds of threads that are connecting me with everything in the room.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Directing Ruchaniyut

Instead of just teaching my Lodge members each work, sending them off with a new experience from the weekly meeting and telling them to do this or that homework, I am also going through the weeks exercises. I thought it good practice because you can go through a certain practice and then teach it to someone else months or years later, but its no longer fresh in your mind.

Directing Spiritual Force or Ruchaniyut is the act of connecting energetically to objects or colours and drawing Spiritual Force out of them. Not to be done with living objects such as plants, animals or people for the simple reason that you could draw the life-force out of them and they would suffer greatly, even to the point of death. Anyway, the exercises start with the act of stretching the Tselem ha-Nefesh, or the Shadow Body. Strecthing the head, then the feet and finally the fingers and breathing Avir into them and letting it radiate. Just a good practice to begin with in order to exercise the Tselem so that you can project the lines of energy and draw Ruchaniyut in.

I must say I found the stretching interesting this time round. After radiating the Avir inside the body part the area seemed to sparkle, much like looking at stretched grey ghost like fingers with yellow sparkly lights around them, and the visualisation was a lot stronger.

I then did the first exercise in the long group of exercises to develop this technique using a candle flame. Can't say I noticed anything interesting, not to say that nothing happened, but we'll see how the further developments go over the next few days.

The Hobthrust Lodge Magick School

I have recreated the School and made it a monthly membership site. The reason for this was mostly so that people interested in the lessons could get all of them for an affordable price. To obtain one of the lessons without the others would not work too well because they all build on each other, so this will work a great deal better.

Besides that I have also incorporated a passive income matrix for members who refer other members, so instead of just paying every month, members have the chance to actually make some money which will pay for the monthly subscription and then start to put money in their pockets.

Go have a look at the landing site for more info -