Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hoodoo and Extra

Last night I performed a Honey Jar spell with a few extras. Now please bear in mind that what I did was not entirely traditional to Hoodoo, but I don't see why we should not be able to add elements of other magical practices in with our own Workings. I may not be able to call it Hoodoo per se, but it gets the job done, and gets it done well.
In the morning I had a chat with Papa Legba about the Honey Jar spell. Apart from some things that he told me to do which were more personal to me, he suggested that I create a quincunx, or artificial crossroads in my room and do the spell work in the middle. It was a simple affair of creating five piles of salt, one on each corner and one in the center, and then I proceeded to call him to open the Gates so that I may enter the Temple. Once that was done I went about creating the petition, adding the necessary elements to it and dusting it with the appropriate powder. I folded the petition paper up and then incorporated a Kabbalistic technique of Directing Spiritual Force. Now this is used mostly to draw Spiritual Force or Ruchaniyut from an inanimate object, however it can be reversed to fill an object with a particular intent. So, I breathed in Avir saturated with the intent of the spell and then projected it out along a series of energetic lines from my body, those being the brow, throat, heart, solar plexus, groin and the hands including the fingers. After three such breaths I could feel the energy build up from the petition paper, stronger than I have ever felt it before. Now I don't tangibly feel energy very often, but this was incredibly strong. It was actually pushing my hands away as the energy was building up and intensifying.
Following that I put it inside the honey jar, annointed the candle and stood it on top. Whilst the candle was burning, I repeated the process of Directing Spiritual Force and again, it built to an intensity that was tangibly felt.
So, in my opinion, although I may not be able to call what I did Hoodoo, Rootwork or Conjure because it diverted from the traditions of that path, the point is that we perform magic to work, and if what I did works better, then so be it. Amen.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Honey Jar Spells

This is probably one of the most popular spells that can be found in Hoodoo practice, the Honey Jar Spell. It is simple and effective and used to sweeten people up to you. So, if you have someone that you want to love you, like you, befriend you, or make them agree with you, then the Honey Jar could be the answer.
Simply take a jar of honey, must be a glass jar with a metal lid, if not then get such a jar and decant the honey into that jar, write out a petition, add some personal effects and if you like some powerful herbs, fold it all up and put it in the honey. Then close the lid and burn a candle on top.
Of course, things are never as simple as that. When writing out your petition it is suggested that you take a peice of paper, preferably a brown paper bag as that is what was traditionally used, and tear the edges off so that you have no machine cut edges. Then write the name of the person you wish to sweeten up three times on the paper, turn the paper 90 degrees and write your own name three times over that name. Then you need to create a petition, just something short like "let him love me" or "make him/her agree with me" and in a circle around the names start to write this petition in one constant flow, repeating it until you reach the end. This means that you do not lift your pen and all letters must flow into the next. When you reach the end, allow the last letter to flow into the beginning of the first letter you wrote.
To this petition paper you add your items. The personal effects can be some of your hair, and if you are doing a love drawing spell with someone else in mind, then you can get some of their hair and cross it over yours and tie them together. If you can't get the person's hair the only thing I know of that will replace this comes from the account written by Mary Alicia Owens when she got a rootworker to make a Jack or Luck Ball for Charles Leland. Because she couldn't get any of his hair as he was overseas, the rootworker used red clover to substitute for the missing hair. However, it is probably best to use the other person's hair or nothing at all.
Once you have all of that, you can add some roots and herbs or dust the petition paper with an appropriate powder which you can get from me at Red Mojo ( or or if you are not in South Africa, the best place to go is Lucky Mojo. Then fold the paper toward you and speak aloud the petition. Keep folding it toward you and repeating the petition until you can't fold in anymore.
Open the jar of honey and take a teaspoon of it, eat it and say, "As this honey sweetens me, so shall it sweeten [person's name] toward me". Do this again two more times and then push the peitition paper into the honey. Close the jar and take a candle of the correct colour; red to sweeten a love, brown to sweeten a judge in a court case, etc. Annoint the candle with the proper oil for your need (available from me), melt it onto the lid of the jar and burn it.
This should be repeated every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, just replace the candle with a new one each time, until the work is complete. Honey Jar Spells are designed to work slowly, but they can be sped up somewhat by adding cinnamon or ginger. I would use cinnamon in money related spells and ginger in love, but either are fine for whatever cause as they are explained as being "sweet-hot" so you would be sweetening up the target but speeding up the process with the heat.
You don't however have to use honey, you can also use syrup, mollasses or even sugar, as long as it is sweet. Some of the older Honey Jar Spells used a box of sugar. In others an apple that had been hollowed out, the sweetner placed inside with the petition and then put into a jar.

Internet and Oils

I have been experiencing severe internet problems and still fighting with iBurst. Hope to get it all resolved VERY soon, but it does mean I am having difficulty updating sites and adding articles. Fortunately, I can email blog updates, so will be sticking to this for a while.
I have some new hoodoo oils ready. You can find out more on the Red Mojo Facebook Page or website if you like (the FB Page is probably the best place to go at the moment though). Click on one of the banners above. These oils include:
Oil of Abramelin
Fiery Wall of Protection
Love Drawing
Pay Me Now
and Revenge
If you would like me to perform the candle lighting or spell work for you (as you may not be in a situation where you can do it yourself), then please let me know and we will discuss your particular circumstance. You can email on or