Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Problem with Lotteries

Well I went to play the lotto today and the machine wasn't working, so I decided to leave it. Will try tomorrow.
However, many people ask someone who practices magic, "If you can perform magic, why don't you win the lottery?" or "If you can predict the future..."
There is a very simple reason for this and it involves Intent. When the lottery is being drawn you have millions of people who have chosen numbers, all wishing that their numbers will be drawn. Imagine if you will a ball with a million threads of energy all trying to get through to be the one...very much like sperm cells on their race to the egg. This is what is happening at the time of the numbers being drawn. Now with that many threads of intent all attacking the same point, how easy do you think it is for your own intent to get through? Think about it for a while.
As for predicting the numbers...impossible. The future can change with every split second. As people push their intent forward, this causes an effect, and it alters the outcome. Of course this could be argued from the standpoint of a hard fatalist, whereby it doesn't matter what we do, think, decide or choose, that future is already determined, but that is not the way I see things myself. I believe that the future is decided, and we all flow in the direction of that decision, but we can alter the journey we take here and there.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Out of Focus

Hello folks,
Apologies for the delay in updates, but I was so busy last week I didn't know if I was coming or going and then I spent the weekend backing up 15 years worth of info and work, swapping hard drives and reinstalling. I now don't have pauses when I am typing, so much better :o)
Right, so I did the lotto thing the Friday before last, played the Powerball with 6 games, wore the seal on my arm, touched it and said the right word and played. That night I burnt a red candle on it to represent the colour of the seal (which is actually supposed to be on cherry satin). Results? Nothing, no numbers whatsoever came up.
So, Wednesday I went and played again, this time I let the machine choose numbers with a Quick Pick. I went home put the lotto ticket under the seal with a yellow candle on top for Sol and wealth, riches, gold, etc. It got to Friday and I then discovered that the draw had been on Wednesday (I thought it was Tuesday and Saturday for some reason, so *sigh* failed again. I told you I was busy hey?
Then I played again on Saturday, did the same, but my intention is to burn the candle from 9PM to 10PM as the lotto gets picked at 9:30PM....I was so tired I fell asleep before 9PM. However, there was some focus there as I got 2 numbers from each set.
Ergo, I will try again, use the yellow candle and STAY AWAKE :o)
Lee 'Red Oak' Johnson

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Grimoire Seals

I did promise that I would send through the instructions and more details about the experiments that I am doing with the seals and pentacles from the Girmiores, so here it is. The one I will focus on is the 2nd pentacle of Jupiter from The Greater Keys of Solomon.
This is really simple, none of that making a circle that can take 2 days and summoning spirits into Triangles and stuff. All you need is a pen, paper and blue candle...and something to light the candle with obviously.
The Grimoire says the following about this pentacle:
"This is proper for acquiring glory, honors, dignities, riches, and all kinds of good, together with great tranquillity of mind; also to discover Treasures and chase away the Spirits who preside over them. It should be written upon Virgin Parchment, with the pen of the swallow and the blood of the screech-owl."
The Virgin Parchment will be the peice of clean unused paper and we don't use such things as pens of swallow and blood of screech-owl anymore, so just a blue pen will do :o)
Draw out the pentacle on the paper, don't worry about getting the Hebrew letters perfect, it is not all that important, what is important is doing something that you fill with an intent. Once done, place it on a table top, somewhere where it will not be moved all the time, put the candle on top (might want to use a small candle holder) and light the candle...done. I let the candle burn for a while and then put it out, at least 30 minutes at a time. Sometimes I forget about it and it burns right down and then I just replace it and light it again another day, so you can light it for 30 minutes each day if you like. Don't blow it out, snuff it out, as you don't want the magic to end.
Do that for a couple days and see how it goes. There are some aspects which I had or have included that I am not sure would influence the effectiveness, but I don't see why they should. The main thing is that you connect to the intent, and each time you light the candle, you draw your attention to the intent. No need to meditate or do visualisations, rituals or anything of the sort, just connect with the intent by lighting the candle and go about doing whatever else you were doing.
I am going to have a go at using one of the seals from The Black Pullet to win at the lottery. May take some experimentation as I am not making a ring and the seal will not be embroidered onto satin. What I will do with this one is to draw the seal on one side of a peice of paper and the ring with the symbols on the other side. When I go to play the lotto I will wear it on my left arm, touch it and say the appropriate word. Then when the lotto is being drawn, I will light a yellow candle on top of it. I will keep you updated as to what happens.
Want to also experiment with some more abstract ones such as invisibility. That will take some thought though.
Best Wishes,
Lee 'Red Oak' Johnson
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