Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Soul is Immense

When we speak of the soul we usually view it as a separate body to our physical state. A part that lives within us but can move beyond us. However, there are no separate parts to what we are, we merely consider them separate in order to comprehend them.

The soul can be split into different areas or parts. The Heathens considered the soul to be made up of eleven parts, all having their specific function, but being of the same body. One of those parts was also the physical body, and also included the mind. So, although there are parts, they are all one.

Amongst these parts is also the Fecce, Filja, or in Modern English, the Fetch. Most describe this as being an animal, but can also appear as a human of the opposite gender to the person it belongs to. In most Traditional Pagan circles this incorporates both, leading to a Fetch Beast and a Fetch Mate. The Fetch Beast is the animal nature of the person. It is the Guide and Guardian, and when venturing into the Otherworlds, it is the one that aids you. Some will call it the Familiar, but not to be confused with a pet cat or dog that most New Age people are referring to, this is far more indepth. The Fetch Mate is the other half of the soul and of the opposite gender to the person in physical form. Two halves of a whole if you will.

To go further we also have mention of the Holy Guardian Angel (HGA). In many ways, this is the Fetch, and resides in the Heart of the Body and in Tiphareth on the Tree of Life. Although there are arguments that the HGA and Fetch are not one in the same, I am still not completely convinced. The HGA is said to be the connection between the physical body and the Divine. However, the union of HGA, or True Self with the physical to bring about Knowledge and Conversation is the same as the Marriage between person and Fetch. Once this happens, True Will is known and progress toward Godhood is closer.

But all of these parts are not parts, they are of the same “body”. Everything is connected and One. We are all Everything and No-thing, as is THE ALL. We are the individuals we consider ourselves to be and that which is Everything. The only separation that occurs is that which we consider separate in order for our minds to cope with the immensity of this fact. We attempt to connect to these different parts, but we never actually connect, as this would indicate a separation has taken place. All we really do is come into realization of how big we are, step by step. And once all is realized, we allow ourselves to accept the truth which has always been…we are ALL.

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