Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Left and Right

A peice a just wrote that forms part of the chapter on the Pentagram discussion for my book. Enjoy, comment, go wild.

Now to the first question that we asked above, “Isn’t the Inverted Pentagram a symbol of evil?”. Quite simply, no it is not. Most widely, the Inverted Pentagram is found to be associated with Satanism. The main reason for this is because it is a path that follows the Left Hand Path (LHP), whereas the Upright Pentagram is used within the Right Hand Path (RHP). The difference between the two is very simple, although many people try to interpret in so many different ways, and those interpretations are usually based on out-dated definitions from a Victorian Era where things of a “non-Christian” nature were seriously frowned upon. The difference, to put it into very basic terms for now, is that the RHPers put Spirit above, moving upward into the Heavens, putting the Spirit before the Flesh and chasing that specific dream, whilst the LHPers places the Spirit beneath, moving down into the Earth and so placing the Flesh before the Spirit. Again, we find many false interpretations of this. Many will try to convince you that chasing the Flesh is to delve into the sinister acts of sexuality and other morbid pursuits that do not involve evolution or Enlightenment. Wrong again. In order to move upward to the Godhead, we first need to move downward into ourselves. We need to go into the Dark Places within the Inner Worlds and discover Self, and eventually find, and place our hands on the Graal which shines like a Light in the Darkness. Once we have the Graal, the union of the Lower and Higher Self can then be sought as the Marriage of the Son and Daughter is complete and the Child born, moving us up and beyond the Creative Void. This may all seem like jargon and useless words at this point, but as you move on, it will make more sense as the pages of the book fall one after the other, and the story becomes clear to you. We should not be seeking to use only the left hand or the right hand, we should be seeking to use both hands together. How does that old adage go? “What is the sound of one hand clapping?”. Well now I hope you know.

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