Friday, March 6, 2009

Black On Black

© Lee ‘Red Oak’ Johnson, 2009

Black on black
As the thick night drops its veil
The day creatures silence their lack
The night beasts open their sail

The smoky silence before the torment
Comes alive in the steely jaw
Before the groan becomes a torrent
And the beast hunts once more

The scents of the prey thicken
The lights to him are sin
The joyous laughs sicken
His blood starts to run thin

Watching, waiting, learning
Don’t move until you know
Hold the need and the yearning
Until it is time to make the first blow

Mouth watering,
Palms tingling,
Teeth aching,
Need waiting.

One prey moves aside
Away from the others
Slowly move beside
Blood splutters.

Need met
Pain extinguished
The blood has been let
The night relinquished.

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