Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pathways Issue 1 now available

“Pathways” is now a reality. Issue 1 has been released and is available free for download. If you would like the paperback version, then you can purchase it for R72.50. It is a 7x10” format with a glossy UV varnish cover.

I would like to thank all of the wonderful people who contributed to this issue and made this a reality.

To get your free download or purchase the paperback, go to

The paperback will also be available on the Lulu Storefront in the near future. Unfortunately I encountered a problem with size and formatting when attempting to upload.

Following is a list of the content that can be found inside:

Cover photo by Nathalie Rose (photographer and model)

Five Points by Lee ‘Red Oak’ Johnson

Runeskandt by Michelle Du Plessis

Being Pagan by Christa Martin

Nemotona, She of the Sacred Grove by Helen Schuck

Pagan Child (poetry) by Carina Venter

Fantasy Photography by Michelle Du Plessis

She Watches (artwork) by Christa Heysen

There Really is a Monster Under the Bed by Dan Graham

Alban Arthuan: The Midwinter Fires by Damon Leff

The Stang and Roebuck by Lee ‘Red Oak’ Johnson

Island Healing (poetry) by Carina Venter

Pagan Freedom Day, 2009 by Christa Martin

Your Horoscope by Anastacia Sampson

Die Eeerste Fabel by Michelle Du Plessis

Witchcraft: A Study in Bias, Prejudice and Discrimination in South Africa by Damon Leff

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