Monday, February 1, 2010

Blessing and Happiness

Hello folks,

In Kabbalah it is believed that everything in the universe from the dirt under your feet to the person you most love is worthy of respect and being blessed. For this reason we have a practice called Noten Kavod, and it is such a simple practice, we can all do it. To get yourself used to this exercise it is split into three phases.

Phase 1:
When you approach to the thing or person you wish to bless, whether it be your food you are about to eat, or the person you are meeting, simple imagine yourself bowing and saying “Noten Kavod” and as you do so, breathing out and projecting a line of energy (Ruchaniyut) from your forehead to the person or thing, connecting energetically with it.

Phase 2:
Continue with the above exercise but after you have projected your own energy to the thing or person, allow the energy to return to you, so you draw in their energy. This is a connection between your Nefesh and the person or thing’s Nefesh and you then share Ruchaniyut between you.

Phase 3:
As above, but when you project the energy you can also add love, happiness or healing and project that toward them.

Some of the benefits of this can be if you are going into a meeting or an interview and need the people to like you. This passes on the sense of love and peace to the person’s Nefesh which is received and returned to you and so as you walk into the meeting, you box to each person and bless them with Noten Kavod, causing them all to like you.

To add to this would be the Happiness Technique. In this practice you connect with the person’s Nefesh and then your Nefesh gives that person’s Nefesh the idea of what you want from them. This idea is then projected to the person’s Ru’ach and the person thinks that the idea is theirs. You get what you want and the person is happy to give it to you. This is best done on tyrants.

1. Find something about the person that you really admire, but intensely admire and a thing that makes you incredibly happy.
2. Think about that thing and really stir up the emotions of happiness within you to the point where it could explode from you.
3. Take a deep breath in and as you breath out project that intense happiness and admiration as a “I LOVE that….about you”, from your forehead and connect the line of energy to the person’s forehead, temple or the nape of the neck. Project it with force.

Because the communication with the other’s Nefesh is how much you love something about them, they desire to give you what you want. Your Nefesh knows what you want, and communicates that with them, you don’t have to think about it as you do this. The idea then becomes their idea and they suggest you do X,Y and Z.

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