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Candle Magic

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When doing candle magic, make sure your candle is NOWHERE near flamable objects. Sometimes things can get a bit rough with the candle and the spirits working on your behalf, and the flame can get pretty wild. Take note of the example picture. This was a standard candle bought at the supermarket that I used for myself, nothing special about it and nothing different from all the other candles in the packet (except for the oil that was used to anoint it, but it burnt normally for the first third of its length).


Candle magic is a very prominent feature in Hoodoo practice, from the lighting of properly dressed candles of colours that represent the energy of the work, to glass-encased Novena and Vigil candles, different shaped candles such as crucifix, skull, lovers, etc. and double action candles. What I am going to discuss here is the use of standard freestanding coloured candles.


We should of course start at the beginning, i.e. with the colour representation of the candle as you will need to know which candle to use before doing anything else.


·         white - spiritual blessings, purity, healing, rest

·         blue - peace, harmony, joy, kindly intentions, healing

·         green - money spells, gambling luck, business, a good job, good crops

·         yellow - devotion, prayer, money (gold), cheerfulness, attraction

·         red - love spells, affection, passion, bodily vigour

·         pink - attraction, romance, clean living

·         purple - mastery, power, ambition, control, command

·         orange - change of plans, opening the way, prophetic dreams

·         brown - court case spells, neutrality

·         black - repulsion, dark thoughts, sorrow, freedom from evil


Some people will want to time their candle lighting practice, and some may be a little more particular about this. We find that there are planeatary hours and moon phases that a lot of folk like to stick to. This is a personal affair and a lot of practioners will not bother with this aspect of magic. However, one rule of thumb that does seem quite prominent in Hoodoo candle burning is that a spell to cause increse should be done between the hours of 6 and 12, when the hour hand of the clock is moving upward, and for decrease, when the hour hand is moving downward, i.e. between 12 and 6 (don't look at your digital watch, it won't help :o) ).


If you are using the candle to represent someone, then you will want to inscribe their name on it first. I have found that the use of a marker works, but the traditional way to do it is to inscribe using a needle or some other sharp point. Alternatively you could also write out your petition on a piece of paper with the name of the person written several times and place that beneath the candle. If you are using hair, nail clippings or anything of a personal concern, then you can load it into the candle by making a hole and then covering it up with wax.


The manner in which you use the candle is to first dress them in an appropriate oil (which you can find in the Red Mojo Curios Store). To apply the oil you would either rub it onto the candle in an upward or downward motion. For any magic that is of a positive or attraction nature, rub the candle upwards, for negative magic such as domination, hexing, and banishing, you would rub downwards. If you want to increase the effects, then also get the powder and sprinkle it on the candle once it has been dressed with the oil, or roll the candle in the powder to make it fix.


However, a couple of things to keep in mind when dressing. Do not apply too much oil to the candle or you may drown the wick, and when applying powders, make sure that it does not have any elements that is highly flammable or they could cause the entire candle to set alight. Check the details of the powders first to make sure you can safely use them on your candles.


Depending on what you are working toward, some candles can be burned over a series of days, such as money or love drawing, in which case you can snuff out the candle at intervals and relight them the next day. You can place pins at intervals along the candle length and when the pin drops, you snuff out the candle. In some cases you may use more than one candle, such as breaking up a couple where you might want to move the candles further and further apart each day. If you are going to be doing something of a dominating or hexing nature including uncrossing, then do not snuff out the candle until it has burned to the bottom.


Whilst the candle is burning it is customary to say prayers, read Psalms or make petitions. You can sit and visualise your desire, but always make sure you do so in the present tense.


When you need to extinguish a candle, do not blow it out, rather use a candle snuffer, saucer or pinch it out with your fingers. The reason for this is because it is said if you blow the candle out it means the spell has finished, but if you pinch it out or snuff it, you can return to it at a later stage.


Disposing of the remains of the candle depends again on your working. If it is for a positive and drawing work then you can take all the remains, put them in a mojo bag and carry it with you, or bury it in the yard. If it is for a crossing or uncrossing, then placing it on your enemies property or throwing it into a body of natural water that is running away from your home is more appropriate. For more info on disposal of ritual remains, please reading the "Laying Tricks and Disposal" article in the About Hoodoo section.


How to interpret the candle is also an important aspect as certain things can happen during the burning that are a little out of the ordinary. Below is a short list of some of the meanings. You can also read the wax remains once the burning has been done, in which case you look at the patterns that were formed, this is called ceromancy. Although there are some guidelines that other people suggest, which you will find below, I have found that the candle can sometimes speak to you and tell a story as it burns, so use your own interpretation of what you see.


From the book "The Magickal Power of the Saints - Evocation & Candle Rituals" by Ray Malbrough:


The candle emits black smoke when lit: This signals that the candle is beginning to remove negative energy from your desire.


The candle emits white smoke when lit: This signals that your prayer will be answered but not without a struggle.


A strong or high flame: The candle is working by sending out a large amount of power and strength to manifest your desire. This indicates that your prayer will be answered rapidly.


A weak or low flame: The candle is working slowly to remove an obstacle or to bring about positive vibrations. You will have to pray a bit longer and harder to overcome some opposition.


A jumping flame: Spiritual warfare may be occuring on your behalf. If the candle is a war-type candle, the person you are trying to affect is fighting back. {some interpret a flickering flame as a spirit presence}


If the candle crackles: This is thought to mean that the spirits are pleading your case on your behalf. The louder the crackling, the stronger the opposition against you.


If smoke wafts toward you: Your prayer has been acknowledged and will be granted quickly.


If the smoke wafts away from you: Perseverence will be needed to achieve your desire.


If the smoke turns to the right: You will need to use a bit of patience with success coming from using your head.


If the smoke turns toward your left: You are becoming too emotionally involved with the situation and are in danger of subconsciously sabotaging yourself so that your prayer will not be answered.


Some additional signs are as follows:


If the candle does not want to burn then it usually means some other work needs to be done before this one, such as cleansing yourself or the space you are working in. It could also mean that a different type of spell needs to be used.


If the flame splits into two or more flames then the centre or dominant flame represents you. If used for protection then the other flames represent your enemies. If in a domination spell the person is being aided. If it is for love, then it can indicate a division in the relationship and if it splits into three flames in this instance, then there is a third party interfering.


If the entire top of the candle catches alight then the spell is being fought off, but will more than likely be successful.


If the candle goes out during the burning, then someone was working against you if it was for protection. If for a working against someone then they managed to fight it off and another spell must be performed.


If you extinguish the candle flame and it relights itself, then the work is not finished and you need to stay and complete it.


But as mentioned, use your own discretion. I did a Pay Now spell and the candle had finished burning to the bottom. I decided to snuff it out and as I was reaching for my snuffer, the candle went out by itself. I took it as the spirits I petitioned telling me the spell was complete and in action, not that the person was fighting against the spell.


Now if you are in an environment where you cannot do candle magic, such as in a house where you live with people who do not agree with these acts, or you need to keep it hidden, then you can do some of the spells by burning the candle at intervals and then hiding the candle away. If you are going to do this then let the candle burn for at least 15 minutes before extinguishing it.


Alternatively you can get me to do a candle lighting on your behalf. For more info please go to the Candle Service page.

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