Saturday, October 9, 2010

...and Horus wept

If we are to believe Aliester Crowley, then this is the Aeon of Horus. A time when the Child rules, the great union of the Mother and Father. This is the time when we put our differences aside, stop our useless bickering, a time when the Goddess dominant and the God dominant eras are no longer, as they come together to understand one another, to live side by side.

And this is the world we present to the Divine Child. A world of war, murder, rape, theft. A world which we have spoiled and ruined, lain waste to and paid no attention to. But Horus does not weep for this world because He knows that Mother Nature will fight back. He weeps for us, as He sees the futures we have created for ourselves.

Is it too late? No.

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