Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Errors in Positive Thinking and Sigil Work

Many of us have heard of the practice of Positive Thinking. It is mentioned by many authors and practitioners of Self-Help and Esoteric works such as Deepak Chopra and it abounds in The Secret. One aspect that I discovered which was missing from this simple but effective practice was the aspect of Positive Feeling. Not only should we be thinking positively, but also feeling positively when we do these exercises. To just think, "I want lots of money" without actually feeling it, means that we do not project a sufficient amount of energy toward that goal. You need to include the desire, the feelings that come along with it.


However, there is an error which I picked up. It may have been mentioned by all of the previous people before me and I was just too thick to recognize it, or they considered it to be obvious, which I don't think it is to everyone. When we do the act of Positive Thinking we tend to think of our desire as being in the future. Therefore, we do think, "I want to be rich" or "I will be rich". There is a huge problem with this.


Each day you may stand in front of the mirror or sit in meditation and stir up a lot of emotion about how rich you will be one day. Every day you do the same thing, but nothing happens. Why? Because every day you are projecting that desire into the future, pushing it forward or in front of you each time because you WILL be rich. What you should be doing is thinking and feeling in the present, i.e. "I AM RICH" which would bring your desire into the now and will stop pushing forward each time. It's a bit like pushing a shopping cart in front of you. It will always be in front of you until you take the crazy action of actually jumping into it (make sure you are not going downhill at the time).


The same goes for sigil work. In all, or most of the texts we find that this process begins with the creation of a Will Sentence, and in all, or most, that Will Sentence is to start with "It is my Will to". Now the problem I find here is that when you add to that sentence that which it is your Will to, it is more than likely you will make it futuristic (damn that was a difficult sentence). Therefore we end up with something like "It is my Will to be rich" which is always projecting into the future. We can't say, "It is my Will to I am rich" just doesn't make sense. Therefore I propose that we burn the "It is my Will to" part of sigil creation. Ban it, stomp on it, chew it up and spit it out, it has no place in the NOW.


Lee 'Red Oak' Johnson
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