Friday, January 9, 2009

Preface to the Second Edition

Things are in constant flux and motion. The universe and cosmos is always changing, mutating, and revolving. So it is with anything that is alive, including this book, a partaking of living knowledge.

The original intention I had was to bring a system to people that can be worked and plugged into any religious basis. That has not changed, and is still the aim. However, in the developing of this system I created the Order of the Red Path to form a basis itself for the system, an Order where people could join and connect with others. An Order also has the benefit of creating an Egregore, an independent energetic entity that envelops the purpose and aims of the group, which can also be referred to as the Group Mind or Current. However, an Order is not necessary for these things to evolve and develop. You do not need to be inducted into a group of any kind to be able to connect to the Egregore. As long as there are people with the same principals in mind and flowing along the same threads whilst they are treading along their own unique path, then an Egregore can be created, and people of that Group Mind can connect and draw from it. An organized religious structure does not need to be created.

It is for this reason that I altered the original work into this, the Second Edition. I have removed all reference to the Order of the Red Path and the need to connect to that group format. If however you become curious about this and other things, you are more than welcome to email me on

I must admit though that as I write the second book, Into the Black Kingdom, which is the next level in this system, it is becoming increasingly difficult to remove the associations with the Order. An Egregore is defined and is created, and in the second book, the practitioner of the Artes is to connect with this Egregore. This borders very closely to a formation of an organized institution such as an Order, but I wish to remove that intention with this new direction. The connection to the Egregore is one whereby you can draw knowledge from the Group Mind, not to necessarily unite a group of people. It is purely an energetic body of common Intent, a Collective Consciousness. To know who is connected to that same body is irrelevant (unless they are trying to cause it damage, in which case, it will be known by those in the know, and subsequently corrected).

But anyway, these concerns are for a later stage. Now we focus on the basics of what Magick and Witchcraft involve. I hope you enjoy this work as it stands.

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