Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Stang Project

Meet Jack the Roebuck, that's his mug shot in the pic as he rests his weary bones (what are left of them) on my altar. What I am going to do is modify the 6ft staff I have to allow Jack to be mounted upon it. It will then be planted in the ground once I have formed the base into a spike, Jack placed upon his perch and a candle mounted on the top betwixt his beautiful horns. The forming of the spike base is probably going to be the most difficult as the staff is a eucalyptus branch and if anyone has worked with this wood before they will know it is extremely hard, and considering I am going to be doing this by hand with a hacksaw and files, it might take a while. So stay tuned and watch as I make the Stang. I dare say it may be the most interesting Traditional Witchcraft Stang I may have come across.

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Nin said...

Jack is stunning :o) I picked up a large piece of Birch at Emmerentia over the holiday and want to start with my new Stang in the next few weeks.