Monday, August 10, 2009

Hoodoo you do?

After being interested in Hoodoo rootwork for some years, I have now started making Hoodoo powders and oils. If you are familair with Hoodoo folk magic you will know that this African-American practice pulls no stops. Anything you need can be accomplished by obtaining the correct powder and "laying tricks" in the correct manner. So what, when given the opportunity to increase their life and bring abundance, are people wanting? Apparently we live in a recession, and so I would think that people would want ways to increase their income, get a promotion, increase sales in their business, but no, people want to attract love, but not just any love, the love of particular people. People who follow Wicca often warn against this type of action. If you make someone fall in love with you, then you are forcing the will of another which they say is against the Wiccan Rede. Well nobody is perfect and not everyone is Wicca. However, I personally think that if someone is going to create a situation where a particular person falls in love with them, it is not true love and so they are filling a hole with an empty promise. However, even when talking to these people and doing my best to talk them out of doing that which they want to do, i.e. force someone to fall in love with them, they still insist on the spell work. Do I then provide the service? Yes. I'm not going to make decisions for other people and we are all responsible for ourselves. If I start to become responsible for every person who comes to me asking and sometimes begging for help, I would probably become a nervous wreck. I have decided to provide a service. If a plumber thought that you shouldn't put your toilet in a certain position, just because he felt it was the wrong place, would he refuse to do the job if you then insisted on putting it in the place you wanted it? People need happiness, whether that comes in the form of money or love, it doesn't matter. And who is to say that the person who is "forced" into loving someone, is not happy? Ask them, I bet they will tell you how happy they are.

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