Monday, August 31, 2009

Workshops available

I have set up a series of Workshops which will repeat each month. These are available in Johannesburg, South Africa although I hope to have them on video soon. To find out more details go to

Meditation and Breath
Two of the most important aspects of any spiritual path are meditation and breathing techniques. These are the practices that bring good health and relieve stress, practices that prepare us and take us into the alternate realities that we strive for as magicians, also practices that are often neglected because they are made to be tedious. However, meditation does not need to be a lengthy process to attain tranquility, as tranquility can be met with quickly, and breathing techniques are greatly misunderstood because we feel we don’t need them as we breath every day. This Workshop teaches you techniques to reach those levels that you are striving for, and why we really perform these practices. Although it is greatly presented from a Kabbalistic point of view, the knowledge and techniques taught in this Workshop can easily be applied universally.

Sigil Craft
Learn how to create Sigils and charge them. This Workshop discusses the older methods of sigil creation/image magic, and then goes through a step by step demonstration of how to create your own Sigils and launch them from a Chaos Magick standpoint.

Sacred Space
Learn about different methods of creating Sacred Space from various traditions and paths, attributions of the directions from both Traditional Pagan and Ceremonial angles, and how the Space is used as a Compass. We then go on to how the Kabbalistic Cross is performed correctly in conjunction with the Cosmic Circle, and the basic Kabbalistic Sacred Space creation is demonstrated.

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