Saturday, May 1, 2010

Turning Inside Out

This has really been a most powerful Samhain period. Everything has been twisted and turned in upon itself. The Inner is now the Outer and the Up is the Down. I asked the students in my Lodge last night if they have been feeling strange, out of sorts or just different for the past 2 weeks, and their first reaction, "Ok, what did you do?" Such faith :o) The strong have become weak, the patient are irate. I can't even do any form of Inner Working as the I feel like I am Inner and should be working Outer in order to reach the "Other Side", whichever direction that may be.

The D-state is very prominent, demotivated, depressed, distressed. Oddly enough, for those that don't have a very optimistic view as of late, they are most probably feeling happy at times, and they can't explain why.

I have still had that sense of the past. I can't quite grasp it or when it is from, but I get the feeling it is when I was still young and living with my parents, possibly through to a time when I first met my wife. It is a physical sensation in my solar plexus and it reminds me of when I first started venturing into the Craft. To go along with that I have been digging all of my old stuff out, not only music, but files, texts, writings from other people that I used to read during those years. Connecting with myself as I was, bringing back the sensation of being alive in my Craft. I am not saying I am not alive in my Craft and my Art now, but I think those that have been in it for some years will know what I am talking about. They would have grasped that sensation at times, reminding them of how they felt, doing simple rituals that made their Blood and Bone cry out in excitement and fear. Sadly as we progress we find the simplicity in things that exposes the true Reality, and through that simplicity we come to realise that the complexity of ritual which we once knew does not connect fully with the Power of that which is all around us, but at the same time our fresh attitude tapped into it, not completely understanding what we were touching, and so it holds back until we find the direct line which goes from here to there without the twists and turns. It protects us from our curiosities, from our naivety, but it recognises the necessary process and path that must be trodden in the Crooked Witching Ways.

And so it is nearing the time when I must come back from my wandering in the Land of the Past, but with me I will bring back an old knowledge which can be combined with the new. A knowledge which I once had but did not understand, which I can now put to use and expand on to its fullest capacity.

Never forget who you were or where you came from, it is part of what made you, but if you forget, take some time to reconnect. There is much power in what we once were, when we were fresh, green, immature. The new Seeker on the Paths has a Power which is rarely seen because we tend to look through rose coloured glasses at what they will become, i.e. someone like us. To think as such is powerless and is faulted. To think as such is even more naive than the Seeker fumbling across the Path. Don't send that person away or laugh at them, rather pick them up, because one day you may stumble, and who will be there to help you?

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