Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Problem with Lotteries

Well I went to play the lotto today and the machine wasn't working, so I decided to leave it. Will try tomorrow.
However, many people ask someone who practices magic, "If you can perform magic, why don't you win the lottery?" or "If you can predict the future..."
There is a very simple reason for this and it involves Intent. When the lottery is being drawn you have millions of people who have chosen numbers, all wishing that their numbers will be drawn. Imagine if you will a ball with a million threads of energy all trying to get through to be the one...very much like sperm cells on their race to the egg. This is what is happening at the time of the numbers being drawn. Now with that many threads of intent all attacking the same point, how easy do you think it is for your own intent to get through? Think about it for a while.
As for predicting the numbers...impossible. The future can change with every split second. As people push their intent forward, this causes an effect, and it alters the outcome. Of course this could be argued from the standpoint of a hard fatalist, whereby it doesn't matter what we do, think, decide or choose, that future is already determined, but that is not the way I see things myself. I believe that the future is decided, and we all flow in the direction of that decision, but we can alter the journey we take here and there.

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