Saturday, December 11, 2010

St. Expedite

If you have ever been on an eGroup or forum that deals with hoodoo, then you would have probably come across people thanking St. Expedite for his quick resolutions in certain matters. This is a standard practice when working with St. Expedite, i.e. to thank him in public. Now when we consider any kind of spirit, they tend to become stronger with energy, and that energy is created by us, the Living, and given to the spirit. In the case of the publicity that St. Expedite gets, I think I can safely say that if you work with him, you will be working with a very strong spirit.

If you are wanting a speedy solution to a problem, or just general financial success, then St. Expedite is your man. The image of him with a cross and a crow underfoot says it all. The cross bears the word “HODIE”, which in Latin means “Today”, and emitting from the crow’s mouth as it is being trodden on (not very animal rights friendly, but it is symbolism after all) is the “CRAS”, meaning “Tomorrow”. What we therefore have is a Saint that says, “Don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today.” In other words, don’t waste time, if you need something now, stop stalling and pro-CRAS-tinating, and that is what Saint Expedite is all about.

If you would like to work with St. Expedite, you will need three things, a candle, a small container of water and an image of the Saint. The candle to use should be red, although in some cases I have come across, if you are working specifically for financial gain, then you can use green. The water is to feed him as water is used a great deal in hoodoo to attract and feed the spirits. The image you use can either be the picture as displayed in this article, another of him, or a figurine.

Placement of these items are done in a triangle with the candle at the back, the water to the front left, and the image to the front right. Once you have this set up, you are ready to begin your work. Do remember that this will probably become a permanent fixture in your home or on your altar, so consider it long term, not just a single working with the Saint for a single solution or gain.

The first thing to do is make contact and build up a relationship. This should be done over a 9 day period whereby you go to the altar or shrine and say a prayer to St. Expedite. At this point you can include your request and a promise of the return you will give him when the work is accomplished, or you can just decide to make the contact and build up the energy between you.

After the nine day period, you can make your request. Keep doing this every day until you get that which you requested. Once it is accomplished, make sure you give St. Expedite what you promised to give him. If you don’t, then he will take away just as easily as he has provided. One other suggestion. If you start working with him and a couple days later decide it is too much bother, too late. When you start, you had better see it through, or you will start to see things going south, so don’t begin working with St. Expedite unless you are committed.

You can go to him with new requests from time to time, and only then, light the candle and give him the attention he requires to accomplish each task, or you can pay him homage on a daily basis, which in my opinion would be the better option. Keep that energy flowing so that when you do need his help, he is there and ready.

When the task has been accomplished, don’t forget to give him your promise. Some of the things he likes are red wine, flowers and a pound cake, and do remember to thank him in a public manner, which can be done either through forums on the internet or if it was especially big, maybe take out a small ad in the newspaper, but make sure you give him the recognition. This is not only good for him as something he likes and asks for, but it is good for you and everyone who works with him. The more people that work with him, the stronger he becomes, and then we all get what we want, which is why he has become such a popular Saint.

If you really want to pay him homage, then focus your efforts more on a Wednesday, which is his day, and this also coincides with the day of Mercury, making him a Mercurial spirit. Therefore, if you want to work on communication, the writing arts, speedy solutions, and things that denote the work of Mercury, then this is the best time. This also makes quicksilver his metal, and some Mercurial plants or herbs would be peppermint, flax, elecampane, dill, fennel, bittersweet, the leaves and bark or any product of the ash tree, cinquefoil, cinnamon, spearmint, pomegranate, poppy, and sage.

There are quite a few prayers that can be found on the internet to recite when working with St. Expedite, but although I tend to prefer to sit and chat rather than recite something that was written by someone else, and therefore, not my own words, there is one which I have found I like quite a bit.

I come before you, Saint Expedite,
To remedy economic problems in my work and my home.
And to ask for your powerful support.

Saint Expedite, protect my income,
That I may obtain sufficient money for necessities,
And tranquility and joy will reign in my house.

By your grace, Blessed Saint,
I request and pray that I will achieve my desire.

(State your petition)

And I will give thanks for your glorious intercession.

(Now promise to give Saint Expedite a specific offering if your desire is granted)


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