Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Start Your New Year on a Clean Slate with Cleansing Water

Until 20th December 2010 I will be running a special on Cleansing Water. This specific item is the same Cleansing Water that I used a few months back and had such incredible results with which can be read about in my blog. What you will receive is a bottle of the water, and a box of stick incense, postage included.


This special water is created through the use of fire and water and the invocation of the Divine Name Agala'a, and its effects are very powerful. It's main function is to clear away all psychic attachments that you may have. Now just to be clear, what this means is the following:


As we meet people we link to them through energetic connections, and they link to us. Passing between ourselves and them is energy or personal power and so we "share our lives together". Depending on who we meet, some of these links can be negative to us, and they affect our lives badly. One such link is called an ibbur in Hebrew, which translates directly to Evil Eye. In many cases of the ibbur, this can actually be a deceased relative. It is not their intention to halt our lives or cause problems of course, but the attachment they create to us after passing, and the love we had/have for them, causes their energy to fix to us. This attachment causes a hindrance in life and stops our progress. Each time we try to move forward, it is like we are being pulled back, because the ibbur is attempting to direct our lives in a fashion which is not how our life is supposed to go, so we have a tug of war.


What the Cleansing Water does is very simple, but extremely effective. Unlike other magical applications to remove links or cords that are not desirable (usually ending up trying to figure out which of the millions of psychic attachments we have are the ones to remove, and not doing it correctly), this formula removes ALL of these attachments. What you have is a clean slate to start again, choose the people you want to continue on in life with and discard those that caused negativity, leaving them behind. Without the negative influences on your life, you can then move forward.


If you would like more information on the Cleansing Water, please write to me on and I will get back to you.


The special I am running includes a bottle of the water (enough to use once), a box of stick incense (please let me know if there are any scents that you dislike or find yourself allergic to so I don't include them in your package), instructions on usage, and postage is free, all for only R125. The normal price of the water alone is R150 so there is a huge saving.


To order your water now and start your New Year with a clean slate, just email me on This special is only running for postage within South Africa. If you are living outside South Africa and would like to order, please let me know and I will see what I can do in regards to international postage costs.

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