Sunday, September 13, 2009


But whilst my pagan views may be lovely to me and mine,
They are not for all who do not walk the same line.
For if I speak of splendid copulations,
Will I be met with adverse stipulations?
What of the Queen and her Horned Consort?
Should I rephrase after some retort?

Ah, but as the life ebbs and flows,
As the egg and seed meet with the Cross,
How can I remove the blows,
That make so many form such terrible dross?

You see, I was born from womb,
Many times have I been here and there,
And if it were not for Nature's loom,
I would have remained with simple stare.

For from the womb of my mother,
Was I then born of another,
As the Devil and the Whore,
Created me from their Lore,
For if it were not for Divine Orgasm,
The Cosmos would be in a constant spasm.

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