Sunday, June 6, 2010


I performed a cleansing rite on myself yesterday which I am incredibly impressed with. It is a Kabbalistic water and fire right incorporating the Divine Name Agala'a. The preparation is interesting and very simple, but what results is a rather gross looking black water. You then wash yourself with the water from head to toe and if you have the guts, drink some of it. It looks disgusting, but it tastes ok, yes I went full hog on this one. You can of course take a bath afterwards and wash it all off, although it is rather sticky so you really have to scrub.

The main purpose for the rite is to remove all psychic connections and get rid of the "Evil-Eye". It is extremely severe in its cleansing act, so when I say it gets rid of all connections, I mean ALL. Once it has been done, you are completely disconnected from everything and everyone, and then you start to forge the connections you want once again. However the results so far are extremely interesting. All physical ailments that I had have disappeared, even the blister I had on my foot, and I haven't used my asthma pump once today (I have felt that my asthma was a result of the healing I have done over the years as you do tend to take on some negative energy from people in the process). So we will see what other positive affects it has on my life.

I am not going to reveal the actual rite at this point as it was given to me by my mentor, Jacobus Swart, who is putting it into his new book. I just spoke to him on the phone actually and he was saying that apart from himself and anyone who has performed the rite, this has probably not been done for more than 300 years as it is contained in an old Hebrew manuscript that has not been put into print or translated, and most of these ancient rites have been placed in the light of "not scientific" and so have been kept quiet and hidden.

But anyway, very simple and very powerful. Oh yes, I also consulted the cards with the question of "are my previous problems now gone" and I got the 8 of Cups, a very positive and joyous card depicting a man walking away from his previous concerns. Says a great deal.


Jimmy said...

very interesting Cannot wait for the book to come out.

Red Oak said...

It will definitely be announced when it is ready for print.