Friday, June 25, 2010

New books in from Pendraig

I have received three more books from Pendraig Publishers. Go to the Esoteric section at to find them. These are only shipped within South Africa from Red Path Media.


The Witching Way of the Hollow Hill – Robin Artisson’s first book that has been republished. I read this some years ago when it first came out, excellent book full of Old Lore.


The Crooked Path: Selected Transcripts – If you were a fan of Peter Paddon’s Crooked Path podcasts, then this is a must. Transcripts from some of the best podcasts.


A Grimoire for Modern Cunningfolk – Now this is an incredible book. It discusses the Cunning Arts and a great deal of Lore pertaining to practice from the British Isles including pathworkings, treading the mill, raising the cone, how to lay a Compass and Plough the Bloody Acre, how to Ride the Dragon, and a great deal more. Definitely my number one selection.

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