Thursday, June 17, 2010

Instant Enlightenment

On a group there was someone who wrote in asking for methods to gain instant awareness and wisdom. A lot of people ask for this, well more than should. I originally started writing a reply, but decided to leave it, and then today tried it again. Here is what that reply said, and I feel it is rather important for all of us.


We live in a fast food society and so many people want everything now. Trust me, I do also. I would love to have instant awakening to the spiritual and psychic powers that I know lay dormant, just on the surface of my own being, but it doesn’t happen that way. Do you know why? Because if it did, you would probably end up being incoherent for a very long time, if not the rest of your life. If you want an example, take the cases of many a traditional shaman who goes through the Shamanic Death. Some will come out of it and still be able to cope in society, some may have to relearn that skill, but a lot end up completely insane. You may have read a lot of times about a shaman being schizophrenic, why do you think that is? What do you expect when your soul it ripped to pieces and put back together again? Awareness and Enlightenment need to be gained slowly, unless you want to risk a lot. Yes I went through a Shamanic type Death 10 years ago, and it landed me in hospital for a week and thinking I was ready for the loony bin for about 6 months. Luckily I made it through, probably should still go to the loony bin, but I project a sane attitude to the world around me :o) Would I recommend it to you? I can’t say, because it is not something that one person can bestow on another, it comes a much bigger source than a simple human being like myself. You cannot add water, stir and drink.


Or, want instant Inspiration, Awen, Imbas? Go and lie on a sidhe mound for the night. The day may break and you may be mad like so many Bards from the past, but you may make it through. If you are willing, go try it, see what happens.


But of course if you want to do it without the risk of insanity, although you may come close on some occasions which I am sure all of the seasoned practitioners here will tell you, then take the time. The reason we do it slowly is so that we do not suffer an overload. When things are ready to reveal themselves, they will, in their own time and when you are ready for them. Besides that, it can be a great burden to be Awakened and Aware, and until you are ready for that burden, it should not come to you. When you hold the answer to life and death in your hands, you have to know how to use it responsibly, and you have to know who you can share that knowledge with. If it is shared with the wrong person, you could cause the greatest catastrophe this world has ever known.

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Witch of Stitches said...

Wise words. Very open and honest of you to say that you too would like instant enlightenment - wouldn't we all! Something I learned - the journey is really important, sometimes more important than the results.