Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Breathing in the Sigil

I used a method of sigil launching this morning that I hadn’t thought of previously and wanted to share it. It’s a combination of sigil work and Kabbalistic practice and may prove interesting and worthwhile to others.

I have a frame which holds two small panes of glass which can be slid in and out and so you can easily replace something between the pieces of glass. I put a plain white sheet of paper between them and then took a glass artliner from Dala and drew the sigil on one of the pieces of glass. The interesting thing with this is that you can take coloured paper and put it between the glass and then place a candle behind the frame which illuminates the sigil. If you get two pieces of glass with clips, you should be able to construct it quite easily.

Then I went into my Temple, placed it standing up on the altar with the candle behind. I then drew in spiritual force from the Infinite Power Source (this is the Kabbalistic method and is spoken of in the book I am working on about Elementals and Servitors, which is partially uploaded on my website) and projected lines to the sigil. This was a simple case of drawing in Power through the top of the head into the forehead and then breathing it out, projecting a line of power to the sigil, and when it got there it kind spider-webbed out to cover the sigil itself. I repeated this but moved the power into the throat and out to the sigil, then into the chest, then to the solar plexus and finally the groin. I didn’t add hands because I was intending to meditate for a while after that process (and didn’t want to sit there holding up my hands).

So then I sat and meditated for about 20 minutes followed by breathing the sigil in. Now this is the process of Breathing in Spiritual Force which you usually do with an object or colour, but I thought it would work just as well with a sigil. Therefore as I breathed in I drew the sigil into myself through the lines of power I had used to connect to it. Three breaths and that was it.

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