Thursday, January 13, 2011

Reality in an instant

I thought I would share a lesson I was given last night by the kaneh-bos ally. It has to do with Reality being made up of moments that all happen within the same instance, lateral time as opposed to our man made linear time. For a brief moment I experienced this Reality, only a portion of it though, but I knew in that moment I would not be able to experience it when I came back to normal every day life, it is just too big. Anyway, for those interested, this is the imagery that I was presented with.

Each second is a moment on a card, and there are multiple cards. we experience each moment all at once, but our attention in our conscious mind is only on one, which was lit up. Our attention obviously moves around from moment to moment. Now, that is each second, so between those seconds, you have to split up the moment more into nanoseconds, making thousands of cards from second to second, and then split it up even further into an infinite number of cards or moments, beyond human reasoning or calculation. Then expand that over an entire lifetime and you have the bigger picture. We live within all of the cards in the same instance. Then remember that is only one person, from specific cards/moments, other things branch off to form the experiences of other people, animals, things, places, etc. It's huge, and it all takes place in the same instance as one large body.

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