Sunday, January 16, 2011

Elementals and Servitors

Before I disappear for my spiritual adventure, I finished my new eBook over the weekend and have just uploaded and made it available.
Elementals and Servitors

Elementals and Servitors are energetic beings that are created by a Magician or Witch to perform tasks for them. They have been used in various forms by cultures spanning the globe for centuries. This book gives you the methods to work with them and a practical guide on how to create them. Not only does it discuss this aspect of Magic from the perspective of Chaos Magic, but also presents the Kabbalistic method of Elemental creation, giving you a descriptive means of using the Yetziratic Wheel and taking you through the various launching methods.


You can purchase it at or for any South African folks at (just go to the Stores link in the Main Menu and then click on eBooks in the Categories.

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