Saturday, March 13, 2010

Directing Ruchaniyut

Instead of just teaching my Lodge members each work, sending them off with a new experience from the weekly meeting and telling them to do this or that homework, I am also going through the weeks exercises. I thought it good practice because you can go through a certain practice and then teach it to someone else months or years later, but its no longer fresh in your mind.

Directing Spiritual Force or Ruchaniyut is the act of connecting energetically to objects or colours and drawing Spiritual Force out of them. Not to be done with living objects such as plants, animals or people for the simple reason that you could draw the life-force out of them and they would suffer greatly, even to the point of death. Anyway, the exercises start with the act of stretching the Tselem ha-Nefesh, or the Shadow Body. Strecthing the head, then the feet and finally the fingers and breathing Avir into them and letting it radiate. Just a good practice to begin with in order to exercise the Tselem so that you can project the lines of energy and draw Ruchaniyut in.

I must say I found the stretching interesting this time round. After radiating the Avir inside the body part the area seemed to sparkle, much like looking at stretched grey ghost like fingers with yellow sparkly lights around them, and the visualisation was a lot stronger.

I then did the first exercise in the long group of exercises to develop this technique using a candle flame. Can't say I noticed anything interesting, not to say that nothing happened, but we'll see how the further developments go over the next few days.

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