Thursday, March 18, 2010

Back on Track

Well the past couple of days have been a disaster…well, not a disaster completely, just in the matter of spiritual practice. I have been busy, making new contacts, making pages, etc. etc. and so haven’t been to my Working Room to do anything. However, it is probably a good thing for two reasons. When I am such a mood and so exhausted I tend to rush through the practices and that is not a good thing to do. Also, at least don’t need to worry about habit forming. Although it is a good idea to have a regular daily practice time, it is not good to form a habit with the exercises you do. If that happens you tend to lose the power in the exercises, but if you take a break for a couple of days, you find the power again, as if it is fresh, done for the first time.
I was feeling rather exhausted again this evening, the kind of exhaustion where you just feel rotten to the core but you know you wouldn’t be able to sleep because your energy is just all wired up. So, I went to do the next step in the practice of Directing Spiritual Force, which although lengthy has left me feeling rather good. I am still tired to a degree, but not exhausted, and I know I will be able to sleep well.

The reason this step is lengthy is because you have to breath in to one power centre in the body and project a line to an object, colour or flame, then breath in to the same body part and project another line to another object, colour or flame, and continue from that body part with a number of objects. I used two colours, two candle flames, my dagger and the black tourmaline. Once you have connected lines to all of those, you then breath into the next body part and do the same, going through all the body parts, connected to all the items from each one and then only do you draw in. But well worth it.

The final step in this set is to do the same as I did tonight but also project lines from the fingers and hands. I think what I will do is project multiple lines to a lot of things, everything around me in fact, from one body part on one exhalation, do all body parts and then draw in from multiple, probably hundreds of threads.

Hmm, now what book did I want to recommend tonight? Ohhhh yes, The Way of Wyrd by Brian Bates. This is a brilliant book, written as a fiction it has a LOT of heathen aspects in it. Bates is an anthropologist after all and very interested and connected with the Northern Traditions in general I do believe. Must read though, my fave book (apart from Weaveworld).

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