Friday, March 19, 2010

2:30? Are you out of your mind?

2:30AM. That is the time I woke up this morning after going to bed at around 10PM, and I was wide awake. A product of last night's practices maybe? I must say though, between 3AM and 7AM I got a lot done. At 7:30 I was ready for bed again so I lay down and had an hours sleep. Deep sleep, vivid dreams. And then for the rest of the day I was going like a steamroller, and still going strong. Will probably flake at some point tonight though, we'll see how it goes. Anyway, decided not to do the last step today just in case I don't sleep for a week. Will do it tomorrow morning if I get a chance.

They just had the repeat on Oprah of that little girl Jani who is Schizophenic. She speaks to animals and there is a person named Sycamore that nobody else can see. However, what young girl, probably 8 years old says to an adult "'Calalini' is on the border of my world and your world"? There was something I read in one of Dion Fortune's books a few years back about conception taking place when the mother and father have an orgasm which opens up a vortex. That vortex then draws a passing soul. She mentioned that it is possible that Fae can also get caught in this vortex and the result is a human body with a Fae spirit. Such "people" have a very difficult time on earth because the soul is of an element, not of all four which we are. So, is it possible that this Jani is not supposed to be present in this world and in that human body? Is it possible that she, and other people diagnosed with Schizophrenia are merely elemental beings from another world that caught up in a vortex of human orgasm? Worth thinking about.

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