Sunday, March 14, 2010

Exhausting Day Revived

I spent a large portion of today moving furniture for my mother. Picking up furniture, moving it, putting it down, and the sun was blazing hot today so I came home this afternoon feeling drained, washed out and generally aching all over. I did get some great pillar candle sticks though, which I have placed in front of my altar. Will see if I can get a photo of them tomorrow.

So, I went outside this evening and did step two of the Directing Spiritual Force exercises. Can't say I was feeling like it, and came very close to scrapping the whole practice this evening, but what a difference. In step two you do the same as in step one except that you project the lines to an object, a colour and a candle flame, and then draw the Spiritual Force/Ruchaniyut in. I now feel great, my aches have gone and I feel normal again, as if today was not so tedious.

One thing I did become very aware of was the amount of connections to everything around me. When we look at an object we automatically connect to it, so whilst I am standing before my altar focusing on these three things,  I realised the hundreds of threads that are connecting me with everything in the room.

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