Tuesday, September 22, 2009

22 September 2009

3:36 PM – Crushed some chunks of Sweet Myrrh that I got in the package from Jillian in the UK. Man does it smell good. Will need to burn some later in ritual.


4:21 PM – Been sorting out some stuff in the Work Room. Have got some incense for sale at R15 per packet, as well as the Dittany of Crete for R9.95 per 10g (not easy to get in South Africa I must say, I tried every source I had and nothing, so I got 500g in stock), and I have also made Gold Tincture which is mentioned a lot in Franz Bardon’s work in regard to the fluid condensers…not sure what price to put on that, so will have to come back to.


Still need to finish the Meditation and Breath Workshop video. I keep recording sections and then having to redo them because of some or other foreign sound in the background (such as a plane or the ice-cream truck), but I at least have the advert done, so can upload that to YouTube soon.


8:23 PM – Well, ended up a friend’s house, just got back and am exhausted. Off to bed early, no ritual tonight.

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