Thursday, September 24, 2009

24 September 2009

6:19 AM – Ah back on track, did my morning meditation, yichud* and taijiquan. Feeling much better now.


8:19 PM – Spent the afternoon at Emmarentia Dam with good friends and company. It’s amazing how exhausting sitting around in the sun doing nothing can really be though. Got back earlier, just been emailing and playing with the guinea pigs.


9:10 PM – Attempted a Merkavistic descent into Yesod again tonight. I go too deep into a trance state by the time I get there so I keep flitting in and out of consciousness and getting bombarded with visions, usually people and faces, although I did get an image of a wrought iron bracket of some kind that had a design of a thistle on it. Don’t know what it means but I also don’t want the visions any more, they are distracting. Although I must say, from the point of view of the visions I can hold on to an image for a longer period of time now. Previously it would be a case of faces flying in and out of my vision and no control over what I could watch, so I rarely remembered anything, only that I was seeing faces. Having coffee now to bring me back down to earth J Biggest problem with doing this is that I finish feeling a bit otherwise, but once I have my feet again I am wide awake so can’t sleep for a while.


*The yichud I do is called Taking on the Name, described in The Book of Self Creation by Jacobus G. Swart as such:


“…the use of a custom like “Taking on the Name” facilitates the “drawing down” (hamshachah) of a powerful current of “Divine Force” (Avir/Ruchaniyut) from the Source, the Eternal Living Spirit, from your “Infinite Point of ‘Is’-ness.” Each time you repeat the practice, a quantity of this Spiritual Force is drawn into your own being until the self begins to transform, and is liberated from anxieties, repressions, constraints, and ailment. When this transformation is achieved, one is able to communicate this Divine Power to anyone and anything you may encounter in your daily life.”


If you are in South Africa, Jacobus’ book can be found at otherwise go to

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