Wednesday, September 23, 2009

23 September 2009

7:59 AM – Interesting morning. Apparently Donnette Davis who has set herself up as a literary agent has been talking behind my back and being rather unprofessional by saying that I am not trustworthy and my authors will not be able to sell internationally or get their books on Very interesting indeed as I can take orders and post from South Africa, but have chosen to add the books to in order to reduce postage costs from SA for the international buyers – which is specifically for my authors (I still have my own Lulu store for my own works which was started before Red Path Publications came into being – ). Apart from anything, Lulu is not all that important, it is merely a means to an end. So, Donnette Davis, who seems to have a hoard of time on her hands to play multiple Facebook applications, get your facts straight.


4:45 PM – On one of my Yahoo Groups, Book of Shadows and Grimoire Collection, we have a very interesting fellow, Bob the Minister. The first post he made after joining was to let everyone know that he is a Wiccan (or wiccian as he calls it) Minister who was ordained by the ULC (Universal Life Church). Now if anyone has heard of the ULC, it should raise some eyebrows. Although I do know some people who have been ordained by them and are in fact good upstanding folk who know their stuff, ULC poses a problem in that they ordain people they have never met or tested the knowledge of. It is for free, done via the internet and you are promised ordination in a few days if not before. What does this mean? Anyone, even the most irreligious person, can become an legally ordained minister or reverend. Do you see the problem?


Anyway, this Bob the Minister who claims to be Wiccan, states that there is only one God and Goddess and the Goddess is Mary…..yup, Mary Magdalene. Now I have no problem with people worshipping Mary as their Goddess, but not if they also proclaim to be Wiccan. Wicca is a somewhat formalized religion with certain tenets that need to be followed, and Mary as the Goddess does not fall into what Wicca is. A few of us on the group have asked him to explain himself but he seems to like ignoring those requests, but still posts comments to people and EVERY time he does, he has to mention he is a Minister. I don’t care if he is the Pope, if you are being questioned about the information you are sending out there, then you reply and you set your name straight. Oh, he also claims to know Ray Buckland and Ann Moura, so if they by any remote chance are reading this, do you know Bob the Minister, also going by the names Rev. Robert Boldman Wolf, Rev. Robert E. Boldman-Wolf and Dikkar. He teaches an internet class in Wicca, does handfastings and, as he calls them, Wiccanickings.


Probably still a bit more ranting and raving before we get back to our regular viewing, so bear with me.


8:47 PM – Well not much ritual again tonight, at least not the intended Merkavistic work I was intending to do. Neighbour’s music is too loud, most probably their end of term celebration. But at least I got to do some overtoning which I always enjoy.

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