Monday, September 28, 2009

Catch Up

I have neglected my blogs this weekend, bad me. So, here is a catch up:



Pretty much uneventful actually. I was struggling to keep my eyes open most of the day, so didn’t manage to do very much. (Well that was easy enough).



Went to the Nursery and got some bags of compost to fill up the seed bed I created outside the Work Room. Also got some Calendula seedlings and a Jasmine. Been wanting a Jasmine for ages, now I just need to get Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, and then with those two and the Moonflowers, I should have an incredibly fragrant garden. We then went to the tattoo artist so my wife could get her new tat which was our daughter’s name on her wrist. In the afternoon I went to Outer Temple classes and I did a recap of meditation and breathing with them, so we did the Mother Breath, Toning and Tuning the Body and Pore Breathing through the hands. We ended with spontaneous singing which is always interesting. We tend to feel very shy when doing spontaneous singing as we don’t know what will or should come out of our mouths. Even when I am alone at home and doing it I feel somewhat inhibited because I wonder if the neighbours can hear me. Not everyone is like this, but some of us are. However, once you start spontaneous singing, just letting the sounds flow from you and letting Power lead you, all inhibitions disappear and it is very exhilarating. Oh, also ended up getting a few things for the Pan’s Gate shop, must update the site. Got a load of second hand books, some incense (which has been seen), a goblet, candle stick, and I also got a frame which takes two sheets of glass that slide in from one end. Was thinking of created a Goetic Mirror with the frame. The one piece of glass can be the dark mirror and then I can make sheets to slide in behind the mirror that have the Goetic Spirit seal on it. Might be an interesting project.



Planted the Jasmine and Calendula, filled the seed bed and planted the second batch of seeds. Got a few from the UK, planted them in seed trays a few weeks back and nothing happened. Always happens like this, the trays drain too quickly so seed trays are a no go with me. If I just through the seeds in the ground, they grow, otherwise, nada. So, because I had only used half the seeds, I planted the rest. Got Mandrake, Mugwort, Wolfsbane, Sweet Cicely and Spearmint and Peppermint. Hopefully these one’s will grow. I also sowed the Mugwort and Sweet Cicely around the garden to be sure. Put some in the compost soil, some in sandy soil and some in normal soil. Got some more Frankincense for the shop also.



Not a very exciting day. Got up, checked email, had a smoke or three and coffee and then went out to my Work Room and did my morning meditations. Spent the morning watching the rest of The Stand by Stephen King which I hired yesterday, and then did some work and been feeling nauseas the whole afternoon. I did buy a frame to make a magick mirror, so will be doing that over the next couple weeks. The method I am using is a little different to most. Instead of painting the backside of the glass (although I also have this style), I am placing a piece of black fabric inside which also flaps over to cover the mirror when not in use. The fabric itself will be soaked in a fluid condenser. All frames are plain and matt black to reduce any distractions. That reminds, will also be selling gold tincture and a simple fluid condenser for those interested in Frans Bardon’s work.

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