Tuesday, September 29, 2009

29 September 2009

7:15 PM – Burnt some Dittany of Crete today to do some visionary work. Interesting stuff. I went into a deep trance state a lot quicker than usual. Going to go and burn some more now with my dark mirror.


8:54 PM – Not much to report. I mixed some Syrian Jawee (Sweet Myrrh) and Frankincense with the Dittany, but whilst gazing into the mirror and inner voice asked me what I wanted to achieve. I said I wanted to enter in the Inner Landscapes through the mirror, and got the reply, but you don’t need the mirror to accomplish that, nor do you need it for visions, and so nothing will happen, and nothing did happen except me almost falling asleep. So, I will just stick to my usual methods.

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